flickr Now owned by SmugMug, Flickr is probably the most popular site for displaying images. You can make them available to the world or just selected people. Up to 1000 images it’s free but for unlimited displays and if you don’t want to see adverts then you need a ‘Pro’ account which carries an annual charge of $49.99. Importantly you retain the copyright of everything that you upload unlike many of the social media sites. Flickr has in the region of 100 million users. It can be a source of inspiration simply by browsing other people’s images or by reading the Flickr Blog
500px 500px is a Chinese-owned photo sharing service, based in Toronto, Canada. It is an online platform for photographers to gain global exposure, test their work, and earn money through licensing and brand partnership opportunities. It facilitates direct connections between photographers and clients. As of September 2018, the site has 15 million users. Membership costs vary from $50 to over $200 anually depending on level of service chosen. The most expensive includes licences for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
Photo Books Albelli, now trading in the UK under the name of Bonusprint, uses a high quality paper. It’s not cheap but if you prepare your photo books on their downloaded software and then wait for a discount offer you can save a considerable part of the cost. You can use a template or do your own design from scratch. They’re coffee table books and a great way to display your best photos. Blurb provides a similar service but with the addition of publishing, including e- publishing, and sales. There are many other providers so it’s best to look at how the various offers meet your requirements. There is a useful article here on how to choose a printer/ publisher.
Large Format Prints Very large acrylic, aluminium, canvas and even prints on wood can be ordered on line. These can make dramatic displays of your favourite  photos. Whitewall, Bonusprint, Hello Canvas and many other firms supply them.