Club Trophies
HOYLE CUP - BEST MONO PRINT Donated by Alderson and Nellie Hoyle, club members in the 1940s and 1950s. They had a shop in Stacksteads before retiring to the Lake District. They entered national exhibitions
HESKETH CUP - BEST MONO PRINT BY A NEW MEMBER A retired jeweller from Burnley, ? Hesketh came to live in Bacup, (Forest House), and held dances and social evenings for Bacup and Rossendale Photographic Society.
BACUP NATS CUP - BEST COLOUR PRINT Donated when the Bacup Natural History Society wanted to show their interest in the Camera Club
SCHOFIELD CUP - BEST COLOUR PRINT BY A NEW MEMBER Donated by Camera Club members Peter and the late Ann Schofield.
ENTWISTLE CUP - BEST GROUP OF SIX PROJECTED IMAGES Donated by Donald Entwistle, Club Secretary for a continuous period of 50 years, to popularise a growing interest in colour transparencies.
BOLTON CUP - BEST INDIVIDUAL PROJECTED IMAGE Donated by Geoffrey Bolton, club chairman at the time.
GEOFFREY BOLTON TROPHY - BEST IMAGE OF ROSSENDALE Donated by the Bacup Rotary Club in memory of Geoffrey who was a member of both organisations at the time.
JOHN COOK TROPHY - BEST IMAGE OF BACUP Donated by Wendy Watters, one of his relations.  John was one of the founding members of the camera club. More details here.
TONY CAPUANO TROPHY - BEST IMAGE IN SHOW Donated by club members in memory of Tony Capuano, club chairman, who died shortly after the 2011 annual competition. Tony was a source of inspiration and technical advice and insisted on undertaking his role despite being seriously ill. The trophy was hand made by Sarah Jackson of Sarah Jackson Creations.